Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Weeping Cherry BLOSSOMS. 六義園の枝垂れ桜。

Weeping cherry blossoms are in full bloom at Tokyo metropolitan garden named Rikugien.

It takes only 5 minutes from our house to go to this garden by walking.

Magnolia blossoms are in full bloom too.

There are small falls in this garden.

If you see the falls from this house.

You would feel the falls look like a painting.

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We go to a three day trip from tomorrow.

Monday, March 28, 2016


On the way to Igusa Hachiman shrine, there are a river and  two ponds. 
It's nice to go there in spring time.

Cherry blossoms.

A kind of Japanese apricot.

A cherry blossom. 支邦実桜。

Japanese apricot. ユスラウメ。


Spike winter hazel. トサミズキ。

Carpinus tschonoskii. イヌシデ。

Weeping willow. シダレヤナギ。

Weeping willow.

Violets. タチツボスミレ。

Stellaria. ハコベ。

The shrine's gate. 神門。

Igusa Hachiman Shrine.

See-through wall. 透き塀。

We found two birds.

Common moorhen. バン。

Little egret. コサギ。

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Saturday, March 26, 2016


We went to Osaka and Nara for two days.

There is one of the largest ancient tombs at Sakai city In Osaka.

We looked the tomb from 21st floor of Sakai city hall.

I took this photo very near from the tomb.

This tomb looks like a forest.

Then we went to Nara prefecture.

Tansan jinja shrine. 談山神社。

Thirteen-storied Pagoda.

Main shrine. 懸け造り。

Asuka temple. 飛鳥寺。

Amakashinooka hill. 甘樫丘。

The view from the hill. 左、畝傍山、右、耳成山。

We found some flowers during the trip.

Lamium purpureum.


Common vetch. カラスノエンドウ。

Astraglus. レンゲソウ。

White dandelion. シロバナタンポポ。

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


There is a soft windflower's natural habitat at Itabashi city in Tokyo.

Soft windflowers. ニリンソウ。

On the way to a botanical garden and in the garden,we could find many flowers.

Anemone pseudoaltaica. キクザキイチゲ。

Anemone pseudoaltaica.

Lindera obtusiloba. ダンコウバイ。

Cornus officinalis Sieb. サンシュユ。

Amana. アマナ。

Oriental paperbush. ミツマタ。

Ruscus aculeatus. ナギイカダ。

summer snowflake. スズランスイセン。

Japanese star anise. シキミ。

Corydalis incisa. ムラサキケマン

Dogtooth violet. カタクリ。

Japanese spurge. フッキソウ。

We could find two birds.

Japanese sparrowhawk. ズミ。

A brown-eared bulbul with yulan magnolia blossoms.

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