Sunday, March 25, 2018

Kasai Seaside Park and Imperial Palace. 葛西臨海公園と千鳥ヶ淵。

Kasai Seaside Park is located in the suburbs of Tokyo.
It's a flower season now in Tokyo.

A cherry blossom walk.

A Ohshima cherry blossom.

A white blossomed magnolia.

A magnolia kobus.

A flowering peach tree.

A golden bell.

A buttercup winter hazel.

A spike winter hazel.

A acasia tree.

We went to Kasai Seaside Park yesterday,
we went to Imperial palace today.

We walked along the moat of Imperial palace.


I think this area is the best cherry blossom watching one in Tokyo.

It is said these kind of boats are very unique.

By the way,Using macro lens,I took this photo.

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Toba city and Shima city in Mie. 鳥羽と志摩の観光。

We went to Mie prefecture for 3 days for sightseeing. 
42nd G7 summit was held at the same area in 2016.

The view of Ago bay.

The same area.

Marital rocks at Hutami-Okitama shrine.

The view from the hotel's room where we stayed.

At the Sunset.

The view from Toba observation platform.

Daiohsaki Lighthouse.

Near the Lighthouse.

Anorizaki Lighthouse.

Shima grand bridge.

The view from the bridge.

Goza seashore.

Toba castle site.

Castle tower site.

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