Friday, November 25, 2016

Autumn leaves in a metropolitan garden. 六義園の紅葉。

We wen to a Metropolitan garden named Rikugien.
It takes only 7 minutes from our house by walking.

Snow-protecting ropes had been fixed. to pines trees.

We had  snow next day in 54 years in Tokyo.

Crossing the stone bride,we enjoyed autumn leaves in many places.

A Japanese maple tree.

A wax tree.

Many trees.

We looked a little egret.

The view from the pass.

Stone lantern.

A resting place.

Then we went to Tokyo university.

A row of ginkgo trees.

Collecting this kind of leaves.

I made a bouquet of ginkgo leaves.

A bouquet of ginkgo leaves.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

The biggest pine tree in Japan. 善養寺の影向の松。

There is the biggest pine tree in the precincts of  Zenyouji Tempe.

This tree is approximately 600 years old.

It's about 800 square meter wide.

This tree was brought up in a concept of making huge Bonsai.

Zenyouji Temple.

This temple is located by Edogawa river.

Chrysanthemum fair was held in this temple.

Please enjoy Japanese chrysanthemum flowers.

Two peacocks.


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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Flowers in October in Tokyo.  木場公園。

We went to a little park in Tokyo.

Kiba park.

There is a botanical garden in a park.

We looked various kind of flowers in the garden.

A kind of Cosmos.

Gailla dia.

A flower of cotton.







Star glory.

A kind of star glory.

Ageratia Altissima.

A kind of cherry blossom.

We enjoyed this park very much.

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