Thursday, July 12, 2018

Yellowstone national park,part 2(Final). イエローストン国立公園、その2.

There are many geysers and hot spring’s in this park.

Giant geyser.

Grotto geyser.

Grotto geyser.

Castle geyser.

This pool is named Morning Glory.

Morning glory.

The pool of Castle geyser.

Grand prismatic pool.

Sapphire pool.

Mastard hot spring's pool.

Lower Falls.

Lower Falls. 
It is said The name of yellowstone came from these yellow stones.

Upper Falls.
It was impossible to take whole falls.

There were many wild animals in this park.



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Friday, July 6, 2018

Yellowstone national park in USA.Part 1. イエローストン国立公園、その1.

We went toYellowstone national park and Grand Teton national park for 8 days.

Old faithful geyser.

This geyser gushes steam regularly every approximately 90 minutes.

Very faithful.

I enjoyed these jets very much.

Mammoth hot springs.

Canary spring.

Travertine terraces.

Travertine terraces.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Shakotan Peninsula in Hokkaido. 積丹半島の積丹ブルー。

There are a few capes in Shakotan peninsula.
The blue color of the sea is very beautiful. 

We went to Ogon Misaki cape at first.

Ogon Misaki cape.

Ogon Misaki cape.

Takarajima Island.

Then we went to Shakotan misaki cape.

Shimamui kaigan ses shore.

Shakotan misaki cape.

Then,we went to Kamui misaki cape.

Kamui misaki cape and the Lighthouse.

Kamui misaki cape.

Kamui misaki cape.

Kamui misaki cape.

We stayed a hotel in Niseko.

The hotel's name is Zaborin.

Living room.

Bed room.

Indoor hot spring bath for us only.

Open-air hot spring bath for us only.

The hotel bill was very expensive.

The third day, we went to Fukidashi kouen park.
Ground water of Mt.Yotei gushes out in Fukidashi kouen park.

Mt.Yotei. we could not see the mountain clearly.

The ground water made water falls.

Water falls.

WE could see bBroken spectre when we were on the airplane.

We could see our plane' image on the cloud. 

I will go to Yellow stone park in USA from 28th this month to 5th in July.

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

A blue cavern at Otaru in Hokkaido. 青の洞窟、小樽。

We went to Hokkaido again for a three day trip.

Arriving at the airport,we got on a rental car and I drove the car bound for Otaru.

We got on a sightseeing motor boat to see a blue cavern.

A blue cavern.

Very near the cavern.

The color of seawater would change variously.

I took this photo from inside of the cavern.

On the way to Otaru port, we could see Mt.Tenguyama.

Otaru city has developed from the begining of 20th century as the most
important port in Hokkaido.

There are many old buildings.

Many of them are used as restaurants and gift shops.

This building was a bank.

Otaru canal. 
This canal is the trace of good and old days in this city.

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