Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Autumn tints, a gorge and falls in Izu peninsula.伊豆半島の旅。

We went to Izu peninsula for 2 day trip.

Autumn color of leaves were in golden age in Izu Peninsula.

We went to Nijinosato theme park in Shizuoka.

A maple forest.

Gradation of colors.

There is a UK village in this park.

We felt as if we were in UK,

Christmas Decoration.

Then we went to Namerikawa gorge.

Asahidaki Falls.

A sun set.

It was not easy to take a beautiful sun set photo.

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

A four day trip by restaurant train and the largest passenger ship. おれんじ食堂列車と飛鳥Ⅱの旅。

We went to Kumamoto by airplane at first.

We stayedat a hotel by the Kikuchi river at Yamaga city.

There was a early cresent moon in the sky at night.

Morning haze in early morning.

Two little egrets by the river.

A little egret.

Then we got on a restaurant train.

This train is named Orange restaurant train.

Full course lunch at noon.

On the way to the terminal,we looked very good scenery from the train.

We could go to sea shore too.

This Sea shore iss ery near to East China Sea.

Getting off the train,we went to Shiroyama park by sightseeing bus.

We looked Sakurajima island from Shiroyama park.

Then we got on this ship at the evening. 
This ship is bound to Yokohama for two days.

The deck.
THis ship is the most luxurous and the largest in our country.

We stayed C-class suite room.

WE could see Sakurajima active volcano island from the ship.

I enjoyed reading books at the velanda of the room.

We looked sun set from the ship,

We could see Mt.Fuji from the ship.

Minatomirai at Yokohama.

Passing through this Bay Bridge,The ship arrived at Yokohama.

We enjoyed this trip very much.

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Looking for autumn leaves at Narukokyo gorge and dakikaeri keikoku gorge. 紅葉を求めて、鳴子峡、抱き帰り渓谷

We went to North East Japan looking for autumn leaves by Shinkansen(bullet train) and 
rental car for 3days.

Narukokyo Gorge in Miyagi.

Zooming up.

At the bottom of the gorge.

The bottom area from the bridge.

Zooming up.

 We went to Dakikaeri keikoku gorge in Akita.

Takikaeri keikoku gorge.

A big stone named Gozanoishi.


Then we went to Genbikei gorge.

Genbikei gorge.

Autumn Leaves.

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