Friday, May 27, 2016


There is a Tokyo metropolitan garden named Kyu-urukawateien near our house.

It takes 20 minutes from our house by walking.

There are both  a rose garden and a Japanese garden.

A rose.

Looking at the rose bud, There are 4 sepals. 
At first,the two jagged sepals would start to open.
Then two  round sepals would open.

The first two sepals would protect petals from bad insects.
Other two round sepals would cover  the petals softly.

Looking at the stem,you can find the grafting a  European rose to  a Japanese rose.

European roses would not grow in Japan,because of the different weather.

This one is Japanese original rose,called Noibara.

There is a Japanese one in this garden.
There is a stone lantern by the pond.

There is a waterfall too.

This stone work is very famous.
It seems to fall apart,but never collapse.

This stone work is made of  lava stones of Mt.Fuji.

Good by from this garden.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016


Ebino Kogen highlands are located next to Kagoshima.

Mt.Karakunidake. 韓国岳(からくにだけ)

Mt.Ioyama. Iomeans sulfur. 硫黄山。

It's difficult to climb the mountain,we chose the course of  visiting ponds.
It took about 2 and half hours for us.

Fudoike pond. 不動池。

Byakusiike pond. 白紫池。

Rokukannonmiike pond. 六観音御池。

We walked through Japanese red pine forest.

Japanese red pine trees. アカマツ。

There are many red pines in this area.

We could see many flowers during in this course.

Hainoki. ハイノキ。

A kind of azalea. ミヤマキリシマ。

Three leaf azalea. キリシマミツバツツジ。

Silky wisteria. 山藤。

Violet. フモトスミレ。

Turukijimusiro. ツルキジムシロ。

A kind of gentian. ハルリンドウ。

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Monday, May 9, 2016


We went to Kagoshima and Miyazaki for 3 days.
It takes about 2 hours to go to Kagoshima by airplane.

We could see Mt.Fuji clearly from the plane.

We could see Mt.Fuji when we came back to Tokyo.

The beauty of flaming sunset is indescribable.

Arriving at Kagoshima,we went to Sengan-en garden.

The main gate of Sengan-en garden.

A stone gaslight lantern. 

A stone lantern with a lion statue.

The flags of former feudal lord's emblems.

Sakura-jima island with a volcano.

We stayed a hotel located at Ibusuki city.

The hotel's garden and Kinko-wan bay.

One of the hotel's room where we stayed.

There was a Japanese room too.

Next day,there were heavy rain and strong winds in the morning. 
We could see carp pennants were swimming in the air by Kinko-wan bay.

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Monday, May 2, 2016


There is a famous azalea garden in Nezu shrine.
It takes about 15 minutes from our house by car.

An azalea garden.

It was Saturday , many people were there.

The azalea blossoms were in full bloom.

This five leaf azalea is a symbol plant for Princess Aiko.

The flower of five leaf azalea.

This azalea is very popular.

Each bud is covered with  sticky liquid brown leaf,which protect each bud from small insects.

It was a cloudy day.

The gate of the shrine.

Nezu shrine. Many people  formed a line and waited for worship.

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