Sunday, August 19, 2018

Lake Baikal in Russia. バイカル湖にて。

We went to Irkutsk in Russia from Tokyo Narita airport.It took  about 5 and halh hours from Tokyo to Irukutsk.

We stayed there for 4 days. 

The second day , we went to a sightseeing area in Irukutsk tose Lake Baikal.

Lake Baikal.
It was rainy day, we could not see the lake clearly.

Lake Baikal.

In the afternoon,we started to go a city sightseeing in Irukutsk.

A church.

A church too.

Many weddings were held in this chutch.

By Angara River.

A market.

A modern shopping street.

We stayed this hotel for 3 days.

The third day, we started to get on  The Trans-Siberian Railroad train.

We got on this train for 4 hours.

Irkutsk railroad station.

A view from the train window.

Another view.

We got off the train,we went to Lake Baikal.

We got on a chartered bus on the way to our hotel.

Lake Baikal.

Lake Baikal too.

We enjoyed a Russian Folklore show for us at the last dinner in the hotel.

S 7 airline. We got on this plane and came back to Tokyo.

A view of Lake Baikal from the plane's window.

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Monday, August 6, 2018

Milky Way in Nagano and Tokyo Sky Tree. 美ヶ原高原の天の川と東京スカイツリー。

We went to Utukushigahara highlands in Nagano to watch Milky Way.

The Sun is just setting.

After the Sunset.

Beautiful sun set clouds.

We could see Milky Way after 10 P.M.

Mars,Milky  Way and Utukusinotoh Tower.


I took photos of Tokyo Sky Tree at night.

At twilight.

Closing up.

At Jukkenbashi bridge.

The view of convex traffic mirror at a road curve.

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