Thursday, May 25, 2017

A sightseeing in London.  ロンドン観光。

We arrived at London.

The Houses of Parliament. I took this photo from London Eve.

London Eve.(Ferris wheel)

The highest position.

Buckingham Palace.

The emblem.

British Museum.

Rosetta stone.

No entrance fee in this museum.

Free taking photos.

Tower of London.

Westminster Abbey.


Tower Bridge.

The Houses of Parliament. 
I took this photo from the bank Themes.
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A circle of large stones in England which is called Stonehenge  イングランドのストーンヘンジ。

We visited a circle of large stones  which is called Stonehenge.

Before visiting Stonehenge, we called on various kind of famous cities.

A Roman bath site at Bath city.

 Chester city, very famous walled city.

On the wall.

A fort on the wall.

A church in Chester.

We found a Roman site outside of the wall.

A marronnier tree.

Many blossoms.

A hotel we stayed at Cotswolds.

Sharing with Tuesday's Treasures.

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

A trip to U.K.

My wife and I went to U.K. for 11 days by group tour.
Starting from Tokyo International air port to London, then
we changed to the airplane of the Edinburgh line in London.

Edinburgh castle.

Edinburgh city from the castle.

An art museum in Edinburgh.

We went to Hadrian's Wall in north England.

The  wall. built by 2 century.

On the way to the wall,we saw this Bagpipes man.

We could see various blossoms.

Cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms.



Then we went to Lake District.

Helen Beatrix Potter's farmer house in Near Sawrey.

A shop for  Peter Rabbit's goods.

A house for William Wordsworth.

We stayed this hotel. The name is Wordsworth.

Windermere Lake.

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