Thursday, September 19, 2019

Visiting gardens and Erimo-Misaki Cape in Hokkaido.

Arriving at Hokkaido by plane, we got on a rental car bound for Tomamu Resort.

We stayed at the left tower hotel in 25th floor.

Next day,we started to go gardens in Hokkaido.

Shichiku garden.

A rose garden.

red Hamanasu.

Manabe garden.




We found a squirrel.

Tokachi Hills.

Tokachi Hills.


White double flowered Hamanasu.

Next day we went to Erimo-Misaki Cape.

Erimo-Misaki Cape.

Erimo-Misaki Cape.

I took two kind of  photos,I used ND1000 filter and tri pod then Took two photos in right side ones.

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Friday, September 13, 2019

In Norway.

We went to Myrdal bound for Flam to enjoy fiord sigtseeing.

Bergen railroad train bound for Myrdal.
Then changed the train for Flam.

On the way to Flam we could see Kjosfossen falls.
The train stopped for 5 minutes for customers to take photos.

A beautiful fairy appeared suddenly.

Arriving at Flam,we got on a sightseeing boat.



On the way to Ulvik,we could see 


A rebuilt wooden church at Gol.

An old house.

Birch trees were very beautiful.

I forgot to upload Bergen.

Bergen is very beautiful city.

Last sightseeing day in Norway.

We went to City Hall in Oslo.

Vigeland sculpture installation.

Vigeland sculpture installation.

Next day we came back from Oslo via Helsinki to Tokyo.

The other day, I took night views in Tokyo.

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