Sunday, October 6, 2019

My second time trip from Lake Notoro to Shiretoko in September.

Arriving at Monbetsu airport,we got on a sightseeing bus.

The bus was bound for Shiretoko via Lake Notoro.

We could see the Sea of Okhotsk.

Lake Saromako, It's a inland sea lake, over the sand bank
it's the Sea of Okhotsk.

Coral like plants grow in colonies by the  Lake Notoro.

It's very beautiful.

By macro lens.

We arrived  at hotel in Shiretoko.
After taking a diiner,we got on a bus to look for wild animals.

We found a female deer.

A male deer.

And a fox.

Next day,we haked around Shiretoko area. 
Shiretoko means the end of the world by native laundage.

Oshinkoshin's Falls.

Furepe's Falls.

Autumn leaves.

We found a wild deer near the hiking road.

At the evening ,we got on a sightseeing boat from the Utoro harbour.

Autumn leaves were very beautiful.

Kamuiwakka's Falls.

Closing up.

We found a wild bear near the Sea shore.

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