Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jindai Botanical garden,Final. 神代植物園、2/2.

There are many flowers in this garden.

Day lily. ノカンゾウ。

Loose strife. ミソハギ。

Closing up.

Gipsy rose. マツムシソウ。

Spiecies of primrose-willow. ミズキンバイ。

Water snow flake. ガガブタ。

Japanese wing nut. サワグルミ。

Evergreen magnolia. タイサンボク。

Rose of Sharon. ムクゲ。

Double-flowered rose of Sharon.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Jindai Botanical Garden in Tokyo. 神代植物園 1/2.

Jindai botanical garden is located in the suburbs of Tokyo.

There are many flowers in this garden.

Golden banded lily. ヤマユリ。

Crinum. ハマユウ。

Panicled hydrangea. ノリウツギ。

Matukazesoh. マツカゼソウ。

Saururus Chinesis. ハンゲショウ。

Ukogi. ウコギ。

Snake gourd. カラスウリ。

Crape myrtle. サルスベリ。

White-crape myrtle. シマサルスベリ。

The trunk of white-crape myrtle and peeled off barks. 


To be continued.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

One Day Sightseeing Trip in Vancouver. バンクーバーの一日観光。

                  We enjoyed one day sightseeing trip in Vancouver.
At first we went to Capilano valley.

 One of the Capilano suspension bridge.

It was scary to cross the suspension bridge which shook.

The valley which we crossed.

The suspension bridge among the trees.

At Stanley park.

We took a dinner at a restaurant in Granville Island.

This lobster was served as a main dish.

Then we went to go out to see night views.

A steam clock in Gas town.

B.S place stadium.

Lion gate Bridge.

Water front night view from Mt.Cypress.

Canada Place in water front.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Victoria in Vancouver Island. ブリティシュコロンビアの州都ビクトリア。

We went to Victoria in Vancouver island from Vancouver by sea plane.

The water front of Victoria.

On the way to Victoria,There are many islands.

Victoria from the plane.

The ferry just started from the harbor.

Mile 0 ,a little bit funny in this island.

The congress hall.

We went to the Butchart gardens in this island.

Sunken garden.

Beautiful roses.

Italian garden.

Canadian people like orcas or killer whales.


In Victoria.

In Vancouver.

They have a sence of humor.

Prince of Wales??   No,it's Prince of Whales, it's a whale watching boat.

There was a optician's store named Eye land in Vancouver.

WE stayed in a hotel in Victoria only one day, and came back Vancouver by the plane.

The water front of Vancouver.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016


We went to Vancouver for 8 days.
 We enjoyed glacier looking trip from the water front of Vancouver.

We got on this kind of sea plane.


We stayed this hotel.

We thought it was a big lake,but it was a creek.

A mountain with glaciers.

The lake which we will land on.

The lake.

The water falls from the lake.


The view from the lake.

Coming back to the water front.

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