Saturday, September 26, 2015


The garden named Rikugien is located 6 or 7 minutes by walking from our house.

You can see small rocks in this pond.

If  you will walk 50 meters from this area,

You will find the different expression of the rocks.

There is a Hunaya house.  There is a tortoise on a rock.

The same kind of the one.

A bridge.

There are water dividing stones.

Looking from a small tea room,the scene looks like a painting 

This bridge is surrounded with maple trees.

I took this photo very nice area to take photos in this garden.

A Isunoki tree.

Many galls from the tree.

There are some flowers in this garden.

A Cluster amaryllis.

A Japanese toad lily.

A Japanese bush clover.

From our top house, we can see the garden and Tokyo Skytree too.

We can see a full moon tomorrow.

I took this photo last  October in a full moon night.

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Friday, September 18, 2015


These are night views in Sydney. I have not used a tripod. So photos are not clearly. sorry.

Opera House.

Harbor Bridge.

I took following three photos from Darling Harbor.

I took next two photos from the hotel's room where we stayed.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


  First day in Sydney, we had a half day sightseeing in this city.  And I  just posted before. 

Second day, on 3rd in September. We went to Taronga zoo to watch both the bird show and the seal show.

The bird show.

This parrot picked up  the garbage and then abandoned to a trash box.

Then the seal show.

During the show, my wife got wet by the waves the seals made.

Then we went to Sydney Tower Eye.

Sydney Tower Eye.

We looked St.Mary cathedral from the tower.

Then we took a dinner at Cockle Bay Wharf.

Hot & Cold seafood platter for two.

Third day, on 4th in September. We went to Blue mountains by a chartered car.

Jamison Valley.

Three sisters rocks.

Fourth day, on 5th in September, we went Wild Life(Zoo) at first.

Waiting for a long time, we could see the Koala who opened the eyes.

Tasmanian devil.

Then we watched Andre Rieu cinema concert at the National Theater.

The cinema started from one pm and ended 4pm.

I found small  part of the concert from the You Tube.

Then we got on a Sunset Cruising ship.

Captain Cook Cruiser.

Harbor Bridge.

 We watched fire work displays.

We came home last night.

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Thursday, September 3, 2015


My wife and I are in Sydney now.
We started from Tokyo International airport on 2nd in September.
Opera house and Harbor bridge.
The downtown,named City.
Circular quay.
Getting on a water taxi,bounding for the Opera house.
Harbour Bridge.
Opera house.
My wife do not like to go abroad,because she do not like to get on a airplane for a long time.
She went abroad after about 20 years.
Her birthay is on 1st in September.
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