Monday, December 21, 2015


Revisiting to the imperial palace,we could take notice of something every time.

We started from Sakuradamon gate as same as the previous time. 外桜田門。

Koraimon gate from the inside. 高麗門。

Watariyaguramon gate. 渡り櫓門。

Gangi, or stone steps to the gate. 雁木。

Kikyoumon gate. 桔梗門(内桜田門)。

Kirikomihagi,or stone works  which were made by the blue print.


Tatumi Yagura, or Southeast turret. 辰巳櫓。

Zooming up,  the turret is overhanging. Firearms were used from the overhanging area
to protect the castle.

Syachihoko,or a fabulous dolphin like fish which was used to decorate the roof-ridge 
of a Japanese castle.


Doshinbansho, or a guard house. 同心番所。

Hyakninbansho, a guard house too. 百人番所。

A kind of stone works at the early stages.


A kind of stone works at the later stages.


Other kind of stone works.  石積みの進化。

A very famous area, a historical trouble happened here.


Beautiful wax trees. ハゼ。

A Japanese maple tree.

A flowering quince. ボケ。

Yuzuriha. A very lucky tree. ユズリハ。

The leaves of a good lucky tree.

A great cormorant in a moat. カワウ。

A swan in a moat too.

Fushimi Yagura.  the most beautiful turret in the imperial palace.


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Monday, December 14, 2015


We walked site of the hotel at the last day.

The view from the hotel.

Hotel's garden.

We went to a observation platform at Toba.

 B & W photo.

Then we went to Toba port to get on a car ferry.

We got on this one with my car from Toba to Irako Misaki Cape.

This car ferry is bound from Irako Misaki Cape to Toba.

WE get off Irako Misaki Cape and drived to Koijigahama or Beach for lovers.

There is the place of origin for four-leaf clovers.

We found many four-leaf clovers here.

Beach for lovers.

We felt something good would happen to us in a near future.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015


We started from our house by my car in the morning.

We arrived at The pinery of Miho in Shizioka prefecture.

Few people in the seashore.

If the weather were fine,we could see Mt.Fuji from here.

Then we went to see Hamamatu castle.

The castle and the statue of Ieyasu Tokugawa.

We could see Mt.Fuji from the top of castle tower.

The view of Lake Hamanako. I took this photo from the hotel's room where we stayed.

Then we went to Mie prefecture.

Tu castle site.

This is a rebuilt multiple-story turret.

Matuzaka castle site.

Matuzaka castle site too.

The view of the hotel's garden where we stayed in the next day.

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Monday, December 7, 2015


Koishikawa-Korakuen is located at Bunkyo city. It takes about 40 minutes from our house by subway.

Koishikawa-Korakuen. I took this photo from a Civic Center of Bunkyo city.

The Civic Center. I was at 25th floor of this building.

We can see this kind of view from the building.

There was a wax tree on the way to the garden.

We enjoyed the views in the garden.

Japanese maple tree.

There is a pond in this garden.

The reflection.

A stone Bridge.

I found a king fisher near the bridge, but I did not have a telephoto lens.

A honey locust tree.

The seeds of the tree.

Going out of the garden,I went to Hijiri-bridge near JR Otyanomizu railroad station.
Hijiri means Saint. So it means saint bridge.

The view from Saint Bridge.
 We can see one subway line from the tunnel and two JR Lines just stopping the station.

There is St.Nicholas church which is located right side of the bridge.

There is a Temple of Confucius,located left side of the bridge.
So the bridge is called Saint Bridge.

There is a crossroads where traffic lights allow pedestrians to cross in any direction simultaneously.

It's a symbol of Tokyo.

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