Sunday, June 23, 2019

The northenmost island and the point in Japan.

We went to Hokkaido for 4 days.

Starting fromTokyo Haneda international airport to Wakkanai airport,
then by ferry, we arrived at Rishiri island.

Peshi cape.
We stayed this island for 3 days.

Yuuhiga Oka  hill.

Minamihama swamp.

Hime swamp.

Then we went to Rebun Island,the northenmost island in Japan.

From Rishiri island to Rebun Island by ferry.

Momo Iwa.

Neko cat rock in the sea.

Mt.Rishiri from Rebun Island.

Then we came back to Wakkanai,
then we went to the northernmost point in Japan.

Bound for Soya Cape.

The northernmost point at Soya Cape in Japan.

A souvenir shop.

We could see many flowers in these island.



Miyama matatabi.

Miyama Kinpoge.

Miyama Odamaki.

Rishiri Hinageshi.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A trip to Lake Kurobe and Tateyama mountain range.

Getting off a bullet train at Nagano railroad station,
we bound for Ogisawa.


Getting on a electric bus, we went to Lake Kurobe station.

Lake Kurobe.

Then got on a cable car, we arrived at Kurobe Daira station.

A view from Kurobe Daira.

A view from Kurobe Daira.

Lake Kurobeko station from Kurobe Daira.

Got on another cable car and went to Daikanbo.

A view from Daikanbo.

A view from Daikanbo.

Then got on a trolley bus in a tunnel,we arrived at Murodo.
We stayed this hotel.

Mikurigaike pond and Tateyama mountain range.

The top of Mt.Oyama.
There ia a black shrine office and Tateyama shrine 
at the left end.

Then we walked near the hotel.

This area is called Snowny Otani.
The snowny wall of Otani would become about 20meter in height in winter.

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Sunday, June 2, 2019

A trip to Australia,Final,Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

We went to Ayers Rock airport from Sydney.

A view from the airplane.

Uluru at the evening.

Uluru and the moon.

Uluru in early morning.

Because of bad weather, I could not climb the rock.

We walked around Kata Tjuta with a guide.

Kata Tjuta.

Closing up.

Kata Tjuta from the airplane.

Kata Tjuta.

Valley of the winds.

Reflection of the sky.

many fliees.

A camel, very far away.

Temporary falls by yesterday's rain.

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