Monday, November 27, 2017

Autumn leaves in Shiga prefecture. 滋賀県、琵琶湖のほとりの紅葉。

We  went to Shiga prefecture to see autumn leaves.

Ishiyamadera Temple. 石山寺。

Ishiyama means rock mountain.

Seta river. 瀬田川。

Mii dera Temple. 三井寺。

Three storied pagoda.

Kongourinji Temple. 金剛輪寺。


Saimyouji Temple. 西明寺。

Hyakusaiji Temple. 百済寺。

Collaboration of autumn leaves and cherry blossoms.

Kyourinbou. 教林坊。

Autumn leaves on the ground.

The hotel where we stayed.

Lake Biwako by the hotel. 

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I go to New Zealand from Third in December.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

White-fronted geese in Izunuma swamp. 伊豆沼のマガン。

We went to Izunuma swamp in Miyagi to see white-fronted geese.

Sun rise in the swamp.

It's a time many geese start to fly away.

There are many geese in the swamp.

They started to fly away

A kind of flight formation.

The moon and the geese.


Coming back in the evening.

There are swans too.

After the Sun set.

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Friday, November 3, 2017

A trip to Amrican National parks,Final. アメリカ国立公園への旅、最終回。

We went to Monument Valley.

A cowboy just standed over there,looks like a movie named Stage Coast.

A famous rock named East Mitten.

West Mitten.

Then we went to Hourse shoe bend.

Horseshoe Bend.

Kolorado River curves here.

Then we went to Antelope Canyon.

The entrance of the cave.

Inside of the cave.

We atte a dinner by the lake.

The restaurant.

Next day we came back to Japan.

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