Saturday, January 25, 2020

Visiting old towns in our country.

We visited very famous old towns in our country.

Shirakawago village.

These houses were silkworm culture ones.

The biggest one in this village.

Some of them are used souvnir shops.

Then we went to Hida-Takayama village.

This house was used as a official branch by Tokugawa govenment.

One of old streets.

A gate of Daituuji Temple.

Then we went to Kyoto.

A gate of Kiyumizudera Temple.

All area of the temple.

The view from the pricincts.

Then we went to Kusatu,the most famous hot spring resort.

Hot spring field in Kusatu.

Snow falling until about 6 PM.

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Friday, January 10, 2020

Go to skiing in Hokkaido two times.

I went to skiing two times this winter.

At the middle of Decembe, I went to Niseko skiing resort.
Above New Chitose airport near Sapporo.

I stayed at this Hilton Niseko village(hotel).

Because of warm winter, it was not enough snow in this area.

It's me.

There were many Australlian skiing instructors.
They had  instructed Chinese people by English.

At the close of the old year and the start of the New Year,
I went Kiroro Skiing resort.

Rainbow bridge in Tokyo.

Tokyo Skytree.

The hotel where we stayed.

The Kiroro,a Tribute Portfolio Hotel,Hokkaido.

IT was enough snow for skiing in this time.

But the weather was very bad. 
We stayed 4 days. It was snowy all days.

We could see blue sky for a few minutes.

From the sky.

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