Friday, October 26, 2018

A trip to Greece,Athens. ギリシャの旅、アテネ。

We went to Greece for 9 days.

Second day we went to sightseeing at Athens. 

Olympic Stadium.

We could see Acropolis from the stadium.

Then,we went to Acropolis.

Entered from the west gate.

Inside of the gate.

Athena Nike.

The Parthenon.


Zooming up.


Coming back  centralarea in Athens.

Hadrian's gate.

Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Next day,we went to Meteora.

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Trails of airplanes inTokyo. 飛行機の航跡、若洲海浜公園。

I went to Wakasu seaside park to take trails of airplanes.

Trails of an airplane and Tokyo Gate Bridge.

I used a tripod and  did the shutter speed of the camera for 30 seconds.

It was a fine day we could see Mt.Fuji.

Zooming up.

We could see the mountain after the sunset.

Tokyo Haneda International airport is very near from this park.

It's fun to see many airplanes.

Tokyo Gate Bridge.

The bridge at night.

A Black and White photo.

A mosaik photo of the trails.

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