Saturday, July 28, 2018

Mt.Tanigawadake. 谷川岳と一の倉沢。

We went to Mt.Tanigawadake and some museum for three days.

We got on a gondola type lift.

THere are many flowers at the highland area.

Orange yellow day lily.

Closing up.


Veronica sibirica.

Gooseneck loosestrife.



By macro lens.

Silk tree.

We went to Ichinokurasawa then.


We could see snow pack at snow gorge.

THen we went to Yahiko shrine.

Torii at Yahiko shrine.

Yahiko shrine.


We visited some museums in NIigata prefecture.

Tokamachi city museum.

Umataka Jomon museum.

We looked various kind of earthen vessels which were made about 5000 years ago.

Many of them are National Treasures.

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Friday, July 20, 2018

Grand Teton national park in USA. グランドティトン国立公園。

Grand Teton National park is located next to Yellowstone national park.

Grand Teton National park.

This national park is famous for us.
Because this national park where the movie "Shane" was taken.

I can remembere the theme song,
" The call of the fareaway hills".

Snake river.

There is a Church.

The view from the church is very beautiful.

With a barn.

A elk arch at Jackson city.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Yellowstone national park,part 2(Final). イエローストン国立公園、その2.

There are many geysers and hot spring’s in this park.

Giant geyser.

Grotto geyser.

Grotto geyser.

Castle geyser.

This pool is named Morning Glory.

Morning glory.

The pool of Castle geyser.

Grand prismatic pool.

Sapphire pool.

Mastard hot spring's pool.

Lower Falls.

Lower Falls. 
It is said The name of yellowstone came from these yellow stones.

Upper Falls.
It was impossible to take whole falls.

There were many wild animals in this park.



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