Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hakodate in Hokkaido. 函館。

  We arrived at Hakodate. After dinner, we went to Mt.Hakodate
by cable car to see the night view.

Hakodate city.

Closing up.

The last day, we went to sightseeing in Hakodate city.

Day time view in Hakodate city from Mt.Hakodate.

Eastern Orthodox Church in Hakodate.

Saint John Church in Hakodate.

Former Public Hall in Hakodate.

Motomachi Park.

Former Pentagon.

The sky of the Pentagon.

Former magistrate's Office and the tower which we 
looked the Pentagon.

The hotel where we stayed in the second day.

There is a wide hot spring bath attached the room.

The view from the hotel in mountain side.

The view from the hotel in Ocean side.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Lake Shikotuko, Onuma semi-national park in Hokkaido. 支笏湖、大沼国定公園。

It's second time for us to go to Hokkaido in this month.
We arrived at Sapporo by airplane,then went bound for Lake Shikotuko by a rental car.

Lake Shikotuko.




It was a rainy day.
We stayed a hotel by the lake.

We stayed at this hotel.

There is a hot spring bath attached our rooms.

Then second day, we started bound for Hakodate,
On the way to Hakodate,
we looked two mountains.


This mountain is the newest volcano in our country.
The mountain was born in 1943. Then became just above in 1945.

Then we arrived at Onuma semi-national park.

Onuma semi-national park.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Paddy art works in Saitama. 行田市の田んぼアート。

Climbing up the observation tower,we could see  two kind of paddy art 

I felt as if I were a bird.

Old male god and female god.

Another paddy art work.

Lotus garden.

Another lotus garden.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lotus flower garden in Saitama. 古代蓮の里、行田市。

We visited lotus garden at Gyoda in Saitama.

Lotus garden.

There are various kind of lotus flowers there.

There is a observation tower near the garden.

Gyoda lotus flowers inside of the tower.

Water lilies.


A bud of Onibasu.

Leaves of Onibasu.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Mt.Kurodake in Hokkaido. 黒岳、層雲峡。

The third day in our trip,we climbed Mt.Kurodake by cable car.

Mt.Kurodake at 5th station.

We walked from 5th to 7th station. There are various kind of 
wild flowers along the mountain roads.


Chinguruma flowers grow in colonies.

Chinguruma's seeds.








Chocolate lily.

day lily.



We met a young deer.

Then we went to Sounkyo.




We ate this dessert. 

We came back from Asahikawa airport.

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