Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tokyo walking , Shinjuku. 東京散歩、新宿。

Shinjuku is one of the biggest city in Tokyo.

Tokyo metropolitan government office.

Property insurance Japan company.

Cocoon Tower.

These buildings had been built on the sites of water purifying plants.

This gate valve is a reminder of the site.

There is a park near these areas.

Mini falls.

There are another falls back side of mini falls.

Kumano shrine.

We entered Hyatt Regency Tokyo to take lunch.

A robot receptionist.

Beautiful chandelliers.

A Christmas tree.

I want to introduce Christmas songs as follows.

These songs are as the same as Hymn No.312.

 I want to send the message ," All need is love". for all of my blogger friends 

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This post is my last post in this year. Thanks for everyone.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

A metropolitan garden,lighted up. 六義園のライトアップ。

Rikugien garden is lighted up until 8:30 P.M about  two weeks
during autumn leaf season.

I took photos last night without a tripod.

Black and White.

This garden is very near from our house. We enjoyed very much.

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

The old and the new in Zojoji Temple. 増上寺と東京タワー。

We wen to Zojoji temple. Tokugawa shogun family's tombs are enshrined in this temple.

Tokyo Tower and the temple.

Shogunate tombs.

Natural stone lantern.

Guardian deities for the spirits of aborted or miscarreid babies.

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